A meticulous process

Our mastery of the key production stages of a component allows us to offer state-of-the-art stamping technology. We design and produce our own machine tools. Material deformation specialists are in charge of industrialisation and production. All our manufacturing processes are checked and managed by our quality department.

our Know-how
development in the technical department


With 10 engineers, our design and engineering office offers strong reactivity and development capacity with approximately 130 new references per year. A complete technical file is compiled for each product and is constantly updated during its life cycle.

a machine


Our mechanical department makes all our machine tools, covering requirements for new references and maintenance for everyday manufacturing. Modern equipment, in particular in milling (5 simultaneous axes) or electro-erosion, allows high tolerance tool production and repeatability. This is essential to deliver the constant quality of our products throughout the process.

an employee is working.


The aim of the Methods department is to develop new products and operating processes upstream from industrial production. It consists of material deformation specialists and works with the same equipment as stamping production.

many working people

Stamping production

We have modern production equipment - CNC presses with robotic loading - to offer very high tolerance production and repeatability of parts. Our products undergo a succession of deformations and reheating processes, for which we have various types of furnaces operating in a hydrogen-controlled atmosphere.

machine contrôlant la qualité


The quality team responds to the high criteria imposed by our products. We have high performance testing facilities, in particular three-dimensional, Vertex type projectors or scanning systems. Our in-house quality system guarantees the compliance and repeatability of production processes. We take particular care with quality control and the follow-up of our machine tools.